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    Featured in British Vogue Magazine

    Featured in British Vogue Magazine

    The first ever issue of the British edition of Vogue magazine was published in 1916, exactly 100 years ago. Yet to this very day, it continues to be the worlds most famous and respected fashion publication, adored by celebrities and the fashion elite.  

    So when British Vogue contacted us back in January, we thought it was an elaborate ruse constructed by a sneaky friend. ‘Right I got this one’ I told all in the office......but before I went into Sherlock Homes mode, I decided to listen to what they had to say. As details started to unravel such as picture requests and possible text wording, it felt like this could be the real deal.

    Fast forward a month later and fresh off the rolling press, the March edition landed on our desk this morning and we are absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Below is a snapshot of the article which features the stunning clutch bag by Elisabeth Fredrickson, ‘Duck Egg and Copper’. 

    The clutch bag is exclusively available to Create&Case and you can get hold of one by here 


    Celebrating Veganuary at Create&Case!

    Celebrating Veganuary at Create&Case!

    The team behind Vegan Life – the UK’s premier vegan magazine – invited us to embrace this amazing lifestyle choice with ‘Vegan Life Live’ earlier this January!

    The start of a new year is the perfect time to make changes, and going vegan is a choice that more and more people are making.

    Vegan Life Live showcased the very best of all things vegan, to include clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories and of course the most delicious food (that we just could not wait to tuck into…) for both newbie vegans and veterans alike.

    Happy Maki

    Amongst filling our stomachs at every opportunity, we had the pleasure of exhibiting and showcasing our colourful range of vegan fashion and tech accessories and meet some wonderful like-minded people!

    Vegan Life Live Create&Case

     Vegan Life Live Create&Case

    This event was the perfect introduction to the exciting world of veganism for the cruelty-conscious consumer…and yes, we’re already counting down the days to Vegan Life Live January 2018!

    Vegan Life Live

     Shop online at to find an exciting collection of cruelty free vegan leather purses, wallets, clutch bags and phone cases!

    Black Friday 2016 Deals – where to find the best offers online

    Black Friday 2016 Deals – where to find the best offers online

    The American retail phoneme has firmly made its way across the pond and has become one of the biggest events on the retail calendar list. Savvy consumers looking for pre-Christmas discounts get their elbow ready and brave the high street stores. Or, if you plan to shop in a more civilised manner, charge your iPad, get the kettle on and snap up some bargains from your sofa.

    This year, Black Friday will fall on Friday 25 November, however various retailers will be offering their deals earlier than this, including Amazon who launched their Black Friday deals 12 days early. 

    But don’t limit yourself to the bigger, more popular websites as there some great bargains to be found at smaller boutiques selling hard to find items. ‘Dolma‘ is a 100% vegan fragrance brand selling everything from perfumery, aftershaves and candles. Their fragrances differ from conventional scents that sometime use traces of animal substances. Pop over to their website for their Black Friday sale starting on the 25th November.

    After all that shopping you’re bound to get a little peckish, so head over to Vegan Cuts who specialise in selling 100% vegan snacks that are delivered right to your doorstep. They currently have a 'Holiday Sale', with boxes on sale for upto 72% off!

    At Create&Case we are never late to a party and are joining in on the action, offering a whopping 20% off across all our products! Not just smartphone cases but everything including cushions, gift sets, clutch bags and purses! For those who traditionally leave Christmas shopping till the last few days, save yourself the unnecessary frantic last minute searching and apply the code ‘BlackFriday20’ at checkout for the real deal. The code expires on Monday night 11.59pm so time is limited…..and so is stock! Hurry!

    Create&Case are now approved by PETA!

    Create&Case are now approved by PETA!

    As a company who are proud to encourage cruelty free clothing and accessories, we were extremely proud to have been certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). This charity run organisation is world's largest animal rights organization with more than 5 million members and supporters who promote the rights of animals.

    PETA focuses its attention on the four main areas, of which one includes the clothing trade. No animals should harmed, endangered or compromised in any way to manufacture clothing, shoes or accessories. Period.

    Charities such as PETA have helped to promote animal rights which has greatly improved the lives and treatment of animals. Companies and brands alike have been keen to offer the growing number of ethically minded shoppers, alternatives to leather and fur. Celebrities including Stella McCartney and Natalie Portman have now introduced cruelty free collections within their fashion line up.  

    Create&Case are proud advocators of cruelty free, vegan leather fashion accessories. We constantly push the boundaries of design to creative fashionable, yet 100% animal friendly clutch bags, phone cases, cushions and wallets. Absolutely no animal lives are compromised in the manufacturing, designing and overall creation of our products, and we remain dedicated to continue this. But we are not stopping there! We are still researching and finding alternatives to improve our products and raising the boundaries to make them more eco-friendly. So keep an eye on us.

    Find out more about what PETA do here:

    Artist Designed cushions now in stock!

    Artist Designed cushions now in stock!

    After weeks of narrowing down hundreds of designs, we finally decided on 13 glamorous designs that we would offer as cushions. The collection features various colours and themes that ensure there is something to suit all living spaces. We tested various materials to ensure they pass the snuggle test! The covers are made using 100% polyester, which feels similar to velvet so it’s extremely soft and furry.


    New artwork by Balazs Solti features humorous animal prints such as ‘All you need is Love’ and ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. For those looking for something less animal orientated, prints by Elisabeth Fredriksson such as ‘White Stone and Copper’ and ‘Duck Egg and Copper’ make an excellent combination. Mix and match to add a stylish and vibrant addition to your home.

    We do not offer feather inserts to ensure our cushions remain suitable for vegans. Synthetic pillows are suitable for those who suffer with allergies, as the fillings used are naturally non-allergenic. We offer microfibre inserts, over hollowfibre, due to its premium quality in terms of retaining its shape and fullness, softness and comfort. The inserts are slightly bigger than the cover and are optional as the cushion covers can just be purchased, allowing for greater shopping flexibility.  

    Browse the full collection here: